The POTAWATOMIS Keepers of the Fire

The POTAWATOMIS Keepers of the Fire

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Title: The Potawatomis: Keepers of the Fire

(Volume 145 of Civilization of the American Indian series) 

Author: R. David Edmunds  

Edition: illustrated, reprint, revised

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press, 1978

Length: 367 pages

Subjects: Social Science, Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies, History, United States

This volume, the first scholarly history of the Potawatomis and their influence in the Old Northwest, is an important contribution to American Indian history. Many of the tribe’s leaders, long forgotten, such as Main Poc, Siggenauk, Onanghisse, Five Medals, and Billy Caldwell, played key roles in the development of Indian-white relations in the Great Lakes region. The Potawatomi experience also sheds light on the development of later United States policy toward Indians of many other tribes.

written by R. David Edmunds

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