Ponca Scalp Dance Songs CD

Ponca Scalp Dance Songs CD

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The Ponca Scalp Dance, called the Pa'thinge, is a women's dance. its for the women. According to Harry Buffalohead. When the men cam home from the battle, the scalps they brought in. The old women that stayed home,  all grabbed those scalps. and then they had a dance, human hair. they danced it like that, That's why they call it scalp dance. They dance in a circle moving clock wise.


17 Ponca Scalp Dance Songs

Recorded in 1971 and just released in 2016, these Ponca Scalp Dance Songs are some of the best ever recorded! Guaranteed to be some of the finest singing by the old masters!

Singers: Lamont Brown, Harry Buffalohead, Joe H. Rush, Russell Rush, Sylvester Warrior, Albert Waters, Lenora S. Buffalohead, Metha Collins, Alice L. Cook, Lucy Cries For Ribs

Recorded at: White Eagle, Oklahoma, April 7, 1971



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