Birch Bark Popsockets

Birch Bark Popsockets

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Hand harvested winter birch bark (wigwas), etched by hand design, beaded and then sewn onto a popsocket using sinew. 

Created by Potawatomi Artist Kristy Phillips, Teaching in description offered by Kristy Phillips. 

Dimensions: 1 1/2 x 1 1/2

Available in different designs and assorted beading colors, choose from a butterfly, flower or Nambziw 

Nambzhiw is the constellation found during the spring time. Nambzhiw is an underwater panther and the protector of the great lakes. Nambzhiw guards over copper. Many people in Hannahville say to give sema (tobacco) while crossing the Mackinaw bridge to pay nambzhiw a toll. Nambzhiw should never be forgotten and we should give sema or a penny to nambzhiw whenever swimming or boating to give thanks to the ones who guard our waters. Hand harvested winter bark, dyed porcupine for the stars, and adorned with beads. The birch bark is then sewn onto the popsocket.



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